Friday, 31 October 2014

Letting Go

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Letting Go
Sometime it best to really let go
All the pains you feel need to be exposed
To a place that far from your human mind
To a place away from space and time
Memories are hard lesson we have to learn
All the joy in life can turn to make burns
Cause you feel so much hurt inside
You lose it all in your living life
Lost is the worst pain in life
After letting go lost can heal in time
To gain a experience within Your lifetime
To help you grow and become wise
Letting go will heal you in life
Don't worry good thing will happen at the right time
God will help you feel complete in due time
Let go and your world will let blow
All the pains and hurts will forever go

Written By Reckyz Rose

Created By Reckyz Rose
SGR Poetry