Thursday, 30 October 2014

Walk With God

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Walk With God

Walking with the almighty god in the world

I have been blessed with a gift that never fails
Words don't say anything about the world
Only actions is the real in there real world
Words are communication Actions are realisation
God speaks to people with there pure actions
The truth is just facts
The lies are not the facts
Walk with the almighty god
And never turn your back
Light is the truth
The darkness is not Living proof
The light will help you see the world with all the truth
This is not a lie
God is real beyond your eyes
You can never ever describe
Your life of god is in your mind
Your heart is just the place
The Truth is never fake
don't worry you can relate
Walk with God see your faith


Written By Reckyz Rose

Created By Reckyz Rose

SGR Poetry