Saturday, 1 November 2014


Brand New SGR Poetry
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SGR Poetry

A organisation is key to real success
Success is not measure with material but pass the flesh
Somewhere that bring people together working at there best
For world problem these are causes deaths
To all men women children around the world
Organisation can help save boys and girls
For have a life that they can live for
To devoted there life and give so much more
True organisation don't worry about money
The work they do is way more then paper notes
The value it bring is apart of a human soul
That why we need to work together to make us whole
Freedom love peace is organise deep within are soul
Let work together to make everyone feel the flow
Of the love of God Forever the foundations of love
This is the organisation from the heaven and skies above

Written By Reckyz Rose
Created By Reckyz Rose
SGR Poetry

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